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Newbie in the Anime community: Here’s the Top 10 pick of the most Famous Anime in India

It is not surprising that Anime is not very famous in India but, with more exposure to the internet, a large number of masses are coming to know about anime and Manga. Anime is known for having different storylines ranging from fighting and violence to teaching us real-life skills like hardship, friendship, determination towards the goal, and teamwork. In India, anime series are not aired on TV, hence are not available to all. However, with the rising internet penetration, one can still watch them on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

So, today we will be counting down the top 10 most famous anime in India. Some of these had aired on TV in India as well:


10. TOKYO GHOUL: This anime has already built up a very dedicated fan base in India. Not only does the series teach us about the importance of friendship in our life but it has cool fight scenes as well. It is one of the best in the horror genre. The anime follows a story of a protagonist who became a ghoul (cannibal) due to an incident. The story thereafter revolves around his survival in Tokyo along with other ghouls with different ideologies. The series got a 7.8/10 rating from IMDB and is available on different streaming platforms including Netflix India.


9. ATTACK ON TITAN: Known for having one of the best animation, action, and adventure, it is the anime that has the best and most memes after Dragon Ball in India. However, the story is not for people with weak hearts as it includes issues like genocide, racism, narcissism, and death. It follows the story of a world where giant mindless creatures called Titans rule and love to eat humans. Therefore, humans refuge inside 3 layers of great walls to survive which titans cannot pass through. Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, this masterpiece has one of the best theme songs in the history of anime and a brutal storyline. The fans are still waiting for the second part of the final season which is yet to be released.


8.ONE-PUNCH MAN: This anime is hilariously famous in India as the protagonist can defeat everyone with just one punch. The story follows a world where only humans and monsters exist. The respective heroes save humans from monsters. The main character known as Saitama becomes a hero just for fun but he trains so hard that he becomes invincible. The anime consists of only two seasons which are nothing but fun to watch so, go ahead and check it out.


7.DEATH NOTE: Death Note is always the first anime suggestion for a newbie in the anime community in India.  The legendary Light Yagami and L carry the whole storyline with their jaw-dropping mind games.  According to the story, Light Yagami is a student who finds a mysterious notebook and when he writes anybody’s name on it, the person dies. He started mass killing criminals to make the world a better place which soon gets noticed by L and the real game begins. The anime is most rated on IMDB with the rating of 9.0/10 and rightfully so as the series is a hell of a ride with great plot and twists.


6. BLEACH: Even though the series was never aired on Indian TV screens, it has a big fan base. The story has people named Shinigami who live in a world named Soul Society. They can bring back souls from the earth and kill the corrupted souls called Hollows. Fans actively take part in the community and petitioned to bring Bleach anime back as well. It is a must-watch anime with the best sword fights, action, comedy, and great shonen power up.


5.ONE PIECE: It is one of the mainstream anime with the highest number of episodes and manga is still going on. The Indian fans love the main character Luffy. Not everyone knows that the anime was once dubbed in Hindi and aired for a few weeks but then was cancelled due to poor response by the audience. It is a story of a boy named Luffy who wants to be a Pirate King and find the legendary treasure named One Piece. The series shows great action, adventure, and story with the most iconic fight scenes.


4. NARUTO SERIES: You must have heard about the iconic Naruto run, fans will know that the Naruto series has aired in Hindi dubbed for a long time. The series is full of fantastic fights, techniques, and a storyline with great direction. The anime follows the story in the world of Ninjas and a child named Naruto Uzumaki wants to be Hokage. He is a young ninja from a fictional village of Konohagakure. The franchise was created by Masashi Kishimoto and is still as popular as it was in 2007.


3. POKEMON FRANCHISE: A teenager with a strange animal-like creature called Pikachu. After watching Pokemon you would want one for yourself as well. It is one of the most impactful and successful anime in India. However, the anime is targeted towards children due to which people in India think it’s just a cartoon with a strange storyline. But, the series teaches us about true friendship, determination towards the goal, and how one should do hard work to achieve it. It is a story of a different world where creatures known as Pokemon live with humans, the humans catch them and have competitions among themselves.


2. DOREMON AND SHIN-CHAN: Everyone knows about these being two of the most famous anime in India. However, it is a tie because both are as popular in India. Doremon is a robot who travels back in time to help a troubled boy named Nobita and gives him gadgets to make him cool. On the other hand, Shin-chan is a naughty boy who creates trouble around him. The series shows his daily life with his family.


1.DRAGON BALL FRANCHISE: Here comes none other than the Dragon Ball Franchise topping the list. Dragon ball fans love the series and the anime got massive support from India. From Dragon Ball Z to Super, From Kamehameha to Super Saiyan, the series just got better with every episode. The series is full of iconic fights and great comedy. Every child from the 2000s knows it and from Goku to Vegeta all characters are loved. Therefore, these series have a special place in the hearts of anime fans in India. When fans came to know that the “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” movie won’t be released in India, they stormed the petitions and finally got the theatrical release after 2 months of release. This case alone proves the popularity of the series in India.

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