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Read the real story of the covid warrior Anita overcoming challenges

We are fortunate to introduce Anita, a nurse at a private hospital in Delhi

Anita is a frontline worker overcoming extraordinary challenges and saving lives. The health care workers across the field are fighting against the raging coronavirus, supporting each other and coping every day.

Anita, like a hundred other frontline workers, is an exemplary example of sheer hard work, dedication and extraordinary services. Anita is 7 months pregnant and works 6 hours during her day shift and 12 hours during the night shift and sometimes more. She was herself in precautionary 14 self-isolation after showing symptoms of covid-19, however, the report was negative. It’s been five days since Anita has rejoined her duties.

 While talking to Sociotab Anita says “Nursing patients brings me joy, this is what I wanted to do since childhood. I have seen my mother battled in the hospital and ever since I decided to be the nursing service.” 

“ There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than working for my patients. Covid has definitely put a lot of challenge and pressure on us and every now and then we face a shortage of staff but we work it out.” 

“Patients jab duayen deke jate hai toh abut accha alagta hai”

“ I am seven months pregnant, there are a lot of challenges that you have to deal with on an everyday basis but everything seems workable when your work inspires you. My patients need me more than I need myself. Like working wearing the PPE kit for hours can be exhausting but everything is for our safety and for our patients.”  

“ Family support is a must to deal with such tough situations and it cannot be overemphasized. Family helps you cope with the negativity and helps you to stay positive. It is very important to stay positive in such times.”

“My husband is my pillar of strength. He has taken good care of me and that is how I am handling my pregnancy and my work with a positive outlook.” 

On International Nurse Day, we celebrate all the nurses for their hard work and patience in handling the patients.

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