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Royal Enfield to recall about 2.37 lakh bikes; Read its ‘Royal’ Legacy

Royal Enfield

When it comes to one bike brand that has transcended time, continents and all tastes, Royal Enfield tops the list. Royal Enfield has a cult following and fan base in every country and the brand stays true and loyal to its customers as well. 

In one of India’s biggest recall exercises ever, Royal Enfield has recalled around 2,36,966 units of its Classic, Bullet, and Meteor models in India and various international markets to replace a defective ignition coil.

The company has discovered a defect in one of the parts used across some of the motorcycle models it manufactures and sells, Royal Enfield said in a statement. The defect is in the ignition coil that can cause misfiring, reduced vehicle performance, and, in rare cases, an electric short circuit, it added.

“These motorcycles will undergo inspection and replacement of the said defective part if required. We estimate that less than 10 percent of these motorcycles will require replacement of the part,” the company, which is a part of Eicher Motors, noted.

“While the issue is rare and does not impact all motorcycles manufactured during the above mentioned period, in keeping with safety regulations and as a precautionary measure, Royal Enfield has decided to undertake a proactive, company-initiated recall of select motorcycles models produced in the above mentioned time period,” it said. 

The company will be calling in close to 2,36,966 motorcycles of the Classic, Bullet, and Meteor models, Royal Enfield noted.

Of these, the company will call in Meteor motorcycles manufactured and sold between December 2020 and April 2021, and the Classic and Bullet manufactured and sold between January and April 2021, it added.


“This proactive recall action will be applicable to Meteor, Classic and Bullet model motorcycles sold in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia & New Zealand and Malaysia between respective time periods mentioned above,” the company said. “Royal Enfield service teams, and/or local dealerships will reach out to consumers whose motorcycle Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number falls within the manufacturing period mentioned above. Consumers can also proactively reach out to their local Royal Enfield Workshops, or call Royal Enfield on 1800 210 007 to verify.”

“We would like to reiterate that we have very stringent sourcing protocols and that all our motorcycles are rigorously tested to global validation standards of quality and durability. The safety of our riders is of prime importance to us at Royal Enfield and we are deeply committed to the duty of care to all our customers. We are committed to swiftly implement the recall action, and customers will be proactively contacted through respective local dealerships,” it added.

India had put in place a formal mandatory recall policy from April this year which has provisions for levying a penalty of upto Rs 1 crore on companies for producing defective vehicles. The penalty is liable on recalls of more than 6 lakh two-wheelers, 1 lakh plus four-wheelers and over 3 lakh three-wheelers and quadricycles.

The ‘Royal’ Legacy 

The tangible legacy of the brand started as Townsend Cycle Company under the control of R.W. Smith and Albert Eadie. In 1893, from the reputation of its precision engineering in the production of bicycles to supplying parts to the Royal small arms factory of Enfield. This shift marked the company’s long association and links with arms manufacture, which in turn led to the early trademark of ‘Made like a gun’. The very first Royal Enfield motorbike hit the road in 1901, it might not have resembled tp the designs of what we are used to now but they were a sign of what was to come. And there was no turning back ever since.

It was in 1914 that Royal Enfield created its first-ever, two-stroke engine bike. Not just that, they were also making bikes with sidecars for the British armed forces which could hold a machine gun. They were used to great effect in World War One.

The precision of engineering which they implied in their bicycles have very well manifested in the bikes and because of its reliability, Enfield bikes are used to this day around the world by law enforcement and armed forces.

In 1955, Enfield India was introduced to help supply the Indian Army with their choice of a two-wheeled motor vehicle. With a factory full of highly skilled workers, they produced some of the most classic designs that were previously only possible in the UK.

Yellow Royal Enfield

Building on the brand’s already established heritage, the key models that an Enfield or a motorbike lover must know are: 

The Bullet, an inescapable part of Enfield legacy and the most loved bike of all, was unveiled in 1932. This was a revolutionary bike, with its inclined ‘sloper’ engine, twin-ported cylinder heads, foot-operated gear shits and high compression pistons. The Bullet model holds the record for being in continuous production for the longest time of any motorbike.

The GT Continental café racer was introduced in the 1960s and established itself as the true style icon in the motoring community. The other cult models are the Interceptor and the Himalayan. The Enfield legacy is indeed royale.

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