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‘Say cheese’ — One woman at a time!


In this fast-moving world, how often do we pause and introspect and genuinely ask ourselves whether we are happy or not? Or how often do we care about the happiness of our beloved?

The real world is a competitive space, or as Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S said it “Welcome to the real world, it sucks.” The only thing that saves us is a moment of delight and joy and a moment for ourselves. When we talk about self-time and own happiness, the one person that comes to our mind who care least about her own comfort are — Mothers — housewives, who selflessly and tiresomely care for the happiness of others but seldom think about themselves. Balancing professional and personal life is always a tightrope walk for women. While everyone aspires to be happy, the path is unique for each one. So today lets talk about her happiness and her choices. 

women empowerment

Empowering herself with her entrepreneurial initiative, Rajpreet Kaur, Founder and CEO of Frenztastic (Say Cheese) is on the mission of women empowerment by helping them solve their life challenges and motivate them to prioritise their happiness. 

Say Cheese (, which is India’s first holistic platform where women can connect with experts and service providers from a variety of fields, seek and give support to each other and leverage proprietary action-oriented self-service online tools to carve their unique path, has some revelations about the real problems that women face. According to Say Cheese which has interviewed around 500+ women, identified that the three broad categories of the problems faced by women  are— Career, Relationship and Health. The problems aren’t just the lack of identification but also the lack of solution which leads to prolonged stress and unhappiness. Say Cheese not just provides “personalised” solutions to help women solve real challenges they face in different aspect of their lives, but has become their “Go-To” place.

Every one of us deserves to lead a happy life and experience unbound happiness in every aspect of our lives, but problems too in life are unprecedented. Moreover, happiness is multifold after overcoming the hurdles of life. In the hustle-bustle of life, women tend to forget self-care, Say Cheese provides an ecosystem that helps them build a support system of services to overcome their life challenges. It visualises a happier world, where there is a smile on every women’s face and this could be the humble beginning of every women’s endeavour in a journey to find herself. So this women’s day, let us pledge to smile a little more, to promise to self-care and uplift each other and face this real world with a bang on smile. 

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