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These Vodka homegrown labels you should definitely check out

Traditionally made from potato or grains like wheat and rye – Vodka has long been people’s favourite go-to option at parties and get-together. With its higher alcohol content of about 35%-50%, the clear distilled beverage is somewhat tasteless or has a very mild flavour in itself. But this is what also makes it the most popular choice for a variety of mixed drinks and cocktails. So let’s take a dive into it.

Today, there are quite a few significant brands in India that manufacture Vodka. And it’s not just the brews and spirits, but also the quite interesting twists to mixes and cocktails and all the talks about IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) and prominent imported brands that are being available. We have made a list to take you through some of the best homegrown Indian Vodka brands.  We would try to keep it diverse to accommodate budgets and preferences, so make sure to check them out for your next house-party drinks menu!

Magic Moments

Launched back in 2006, the brand became an overnight rage and today commands over 50% of the market share and is definitely the undisputed leader of the list, with its enthralling taste and attractive classy packaging. Manufactured from the finest grains and distilled thrice gives the vodka its absolute magical purity and smoothness. The remarkable brand of Radico Khaitan takes up your drinks by a notch by its excellent flavour and spirit.

Alcohol by Volume in Magic Moments Premium Grain – 40%

Price of Magic Moments Premium Grain Vodka in India – INR 852 for 750 mL

White Mischief

A good label of Vodka that is immensely popular in India is also a product from United Breweries Group and is known for its high standards of quality and taste. Nowadays, this particular brand holds more than 47 % share of the market and is also triple-distilled, assuring the utmost purity. Some of the most popular flavours from White Mischief are Green Apple+Cinnamon, Mango +Mint and Ultra-Pure. There is also a special strawberry combination. 

Alcohol by Volume in White Mischief- 42%

Price of White Mischief Vodka in India – INR 500 for 700 mL

The same manufacturer of Vladivar, United Breweries also produces Romanov and is one of the most affordable choices for your parties. This Vodka has a rich taste and complex spiciness that is owed to its multiple filtering. It also has a relatively high alcohol percentage and is a perfect blend of charm and profit. There are many additional varieties like premium tastes and flavours like Orange, Apple and Lemon among others.

Alcohol by Volume in Romanov – 43%

Price of Romanov in India – INR 650 for 750 mL

  • Belvedere

Rather on the finer side from Poland, this vodka is famous in India for 3 flavours —Belvedere Red, Belvedere Silver, and Belvedere Intense among its other available flavours. It is quite smooth and is extremely popular despite its bit higher price. Its quite majestic packaging adds to the experience. But on the downside, it is available only in select cities in India. 

Alcohol by Volume in Belvedere – 43%

Price of Belvedere in India – INR 5600 for 700 mL

So, there goes our selects for the must-have Vodka brands in India. From the more financial choice to the more elegant ones, there is always an option. Is your favourite choice on the list? Do let us know. Till then, cheers!

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