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VF’s Third Annual Inclusion and Diversity Profile Reveals 41% Women and 25% BIPOC This Division

The well-known brands of The North Face, Timberland, Supreme, and Vans that belong to the fashion conglomerate VF Corporation has published its third annual Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Action (IDEA) Profile that outlines the company’s progress and gives insights into benchmarks and new goals set by the company and defining key strategic pillars. The group previously had two representation goals which had seen growth during the fiscal year of 2021 and intends to achieve gender equality both at the global and directorial levels by 2030.

It also reveals that currently, those who identify themselves as women comprise 41 percent of this division. Next, it aims to attain a 25 percent BIPOC representation at the director level and above, up from the current representation of 16 percent in the US. The company further stated that 55 percent of its global workforce are women across all levels with BIPOC representing a further 55 percent across all levels in the US, as the numbers at end of the fiscal year 2021 reveal. A third of the board of directors were identified as women, with 17 percent identifying themselves as member of the BIPOC community.

VF has further outlined three strategic pillars for the evolution of an inclusive environment within its brands. These pillars look into various aspects of the company ranging from recruitment, customer-brand interaction, and further social inclusion programs.

  1. ‘Employees and Culture’ tries to make a start at the recruitment process and extend its reach throughout the entire journey of an employee. In ensuring a fair recruitment practice and continued support for the employees, the company highlights learning materials, listening sessions, and other well-being initiatives.
  2. ‘Brands and Consumers’ strategy which is already been implemented into numerous brand-level initiatives, like The North Face’s #StopHateForProfit campaign and Smartwool’s Environmental Learning for Kids – mainly revolves around the application of strategies – ranging from reports into a brand endeavor to customer engagement and dialogue with which the company aims to further amplify its values. 
  3. ‘Society and Movements’ is the final one that strives to reinforce the company’s intention to support global programs and organizations that promote inclusivity.

VF’s Lauren Guthries, the vice president of global inclusion, diversity, equity, and action says that the efforts and achievements outlined in the report have their roots in building and maintaining a diverse workplace that celebrates and prioritizes allyship, advocacy, and authenticity belonging to driving focused actions in the advancement of equity and social justice. She further adds that “The profile also points the way to the work still ahead of us, including how we’re progressing in diverse representation and where we plan to invest going forward.”

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